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How To Impress Ukrainian Girl: Tips And Tricks For Westerners

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Slavic women are some of the most gorgeous ladies on the planet, and Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful of that bunch. For a guy to end up with a Ukrainian lady when there are so many men vying for their attention, you'd need an ace up your sleeve! Lucky you, this article will be that special card to get you that special lady and teach you how to win a Ukrainian woman's heart.

The secrets on how to make a Ukrainian girl to like you

Ukrainian girls won't fall for the same tricks you use on American girls. If you want a Ukrainian lady to like you, you'll have to play by different rules. Follow these tips wisely, and you could find yourself with a Ukrainian beauty hanging off of your arm.

Know which language to speak with her

language to speak with her

Based on the region of Ukraine the girl you're interested in is from, she could speak any one of three languages: Ukrainian, Russian, and surzhyk. If she's from one of the Western cities, like Lviv or Kyiv, she'll speak Ukrainian. People from Kharkiv and Odesa speak Russian. Some cities on the border speak a mix of Ukrainian and Russian, called surzhyk. Why is this important? There are cultural tensions between Ukraine and Russia, and the war from 2014 only bolstered those. Speaking Russian in parts of Ukraine where the people typically speak Ukrainian will raise eyebrows. Since you're a foreigner, most people will brush it off, but being culturally sensitive gets you brownie points with the girls.

Know how to be generous

Ukrainian women are self-dependent, but life in Ukraine isn't that easy. The average monthly salary in Kyiv is $560. It's much lower in other cities in Ukraine, so you can imagine the people here sometimes have to live from paycheck to paycheck. Being from the West, the cost of living in Ukraine is nothing to you. Show your generosity by paying for dates, and your girl will know you're chivalrous. When you're closer, give small gifts of money which may be trivial amounts to you, but they will make a world of difference to her. She'll see you as someone dependable, which is a huge factor for long-term relationships in Ukraine.

Know not to gossip

If there's one thing Ukrainian women despise, it's someone who talks about them behind their backs. Don't ever break the trust you have with your Ukrainian lady by talking about your dates or the things she confides to you about with anyone else. On the off chance that she finds out, she'll never want anything to do with you again. If you can show you're someone trustworthy, Ukrainian girls will always come to you with their secrets, confide in you, and know you're someone they can take the relationship to the next level with.

Invest in flowers

If there's one thing Ukrainian ladies adore, it's flowers. No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine's day, or just a date, flowers drive these girls nuts in the best of ways. If you splurge and get a bouquet with a whole arrangement of different kinds of flowers, you'll be playing in the major leagues.

Invest in flowers

Be attentive

Ukrainian women love it when a man can actually listen to them. Whether it's about how her day was, or someone was annoying her, no matter how minor it may seem, it's important you pay attention to her. Asking questions will show you're listening. Even if she has a problem that needs fixing, let her vent about it first, and get all her frustrations out vocally. Once you've consoled her and given her your sympathy, you can give her advice on how to fix the issue, but not before. This way she knows you're someone she can trust to lean on.

Take charge

Ukrainian women love a guy who's assertive and knows what he wants. When a man plans out a date with surprises and gifts, tells her when he's going to pick her up, and can tell her exactly what he wants from her, she feels petite and safe, like she's in good hands. It's a masculine trait that Ukrainian ladies cherish in men, so be straightforward and confident, and you'll have success with these girls.

Is this all you need on how to impress a Ukrainian woman?

Ukrainian women are divine beings, and winning the affection of one is no easy matter. The tips you read are great for getting Ukrainian ladies generally interested in you, but to get one to fall deeply in love with you, you have to truly commit time and dedication. Learn the intricacies of what makes her special, have her feel comfortable being vulnerable around you, and when she is, be attentive. These tips will have her feeling like you're the right man, after that, it's all in your hands. Do you feel like you're ready to sweep some Ukrainian ladies off of their feet?