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How To Tell If A Ukrainian Girl Likes You: The Simple Guide

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Is there a pretty Ukrainian girl you like but you're not sure if she likes you? Don't embarrass yourself by asking her straight away! See if her actions line up with the ones mentioned in this article, and you'll know for sure whether she's into you. If she is, you can boldly make a move. If she isn't, at least you won't have to embarrass yourself to find out.

How do you know if a Ukrainian girl loves you?

Every guy is equally skilled at missing hints women drop when they're into them. Even if you think you can pick up signals American women give guys, Ukrainian women don't drop the same ones. That's why you've got to read this article, so you don't miss out on the chance to be with a Ukrainian cutie because you were too ignorant of the signs.

She'll text you every day

If a Ukrainian girl is truly into you, she'll text you every single day without fail. Even if you're not the one initiating, and she's busy with three jobs, she'll still find time to text you at some point of the day. She doesn't want to slip out of your mind, so she'll find something basic to message you about. Sometimes it's good morning/good night texts, or she'll ask you about your day, or even just send you pictures/texts of things she's been doing. She's not trying to be overbearing, it's just a hint she's into you.

know if a Ukrainian girl loves you

She'll smile when she sees you

This seems really basic, right? It's actually a key sign because women don't smile at people they don't like or know well. In the US, you'll find strangers always smile or say hello in passing, but this doesn't happen in Ukraine. If you see a Ukrainian girl grinning every time she runs into you, it's a sure sign she likes you.

She plays the “lady in need” card

If a Ukrainian girl likes you and wants to spend more time with you without being too obvious about it, you'll be the first person she calls whenever she needs help. It could be from something like having to move heavy things around her house or help her fix something to something as cliché as her telling you she feels cold which is a clear signal for you to drape your jacket around her.

She's comfortable touching you

Ukrainian girls might hug you if you're just friends, but if they like you, they'll try and touch your arms while talking to you, compare hand sizes, or straight up uphold your hand. It's a way for them to have physical intimacy without being too obvious. Maybe it's because they're embarrassed about being straightforward, or they're not ready to confess they like you. Whatever the case, this lets them feel closer to you, and it's a hint you should never miss.

Ukrainian girl likes you

She'll drunk call you

A Ukrainian lady who drunk-calls you is definitely into you. When a girl's drunk, the only people who will cross her mind are people she cares about. If she calls you, you're one of those people. She might just talk about random things, or she might tell you she misses hanging out with you. If you're lucky, she might even ask you to come to spend time with her. If she says that, it's a clear as day hint she's into you! Since she's drunk, don't push it too much, and talk about it the next day. If she feels embarrassed, comfort her and tell her you feel the same way. You're guaranteed to end up in a relationship with her.

She feels comfortable confiding in you

When a Ukrainian girl likes you and feels safe around you, she'll start letting herself be vulnerable around you. She'll begin to confide in you about her hopes and dreams, difficulties she's facing, and traumas she has endured. Try not to be overwhelmed, because this is one of the biggest hints she could even unknowingly drop. She wouldn't open herself up for any random person.

Is that all on how to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you?

These clues are some of the most basic ways to tell if a Ukrainian lady likes you. They're not always surefire because things change. But in general, you can be pretty certain that if a Ukrainian girl gives you all these hints, you're definitely the apple of her eye. Now that you know she's dropping all these hints, only one question remains: are you ready to act on it?