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Finding The Main Difference Between Ukrainian And Russian Women

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Russia and Ukraine seem pretty familiar to foreigners. People from different parts of the world even perceive them as one country sometimes. That's where it becomes offensive to both Ukrainian and Russian women. So, not to cause any more dispute, read this comparison guide and find out the main distinctive features of Ukrainian and Russian women.

Ukrainian girls vs Russian girls: who wins?

The Russian vs Ukrainian girls battle seems to be never-ending. There are lots of similarities between them like kindred language (even though Russians usually don`t understand Ukrainians), Slavic appearance, partly shared traditions, and culture. But what's lying behind it all? Let's define the main difference between Ukrainian and Russian women as a scope of 3 key aspects: mindset, self-attitude, and work-family relationship.

Russian vs Ukrainian woman

The mindsets of Ukrainian and Russian women

Although being extremely similar by looks, Ukrainian and Russian women are the total opposites from the inside. For instance, you`ll always know it`s a Ukrainian woman if she`s super easy-going and open to meeting new people. They`re adventurous and try to live their lives to the max. Ukrainian girls love extreme sports, are always busy, and try to be updated on any news in the lives of people they care for. They always get noticed because of their cheerfulness, openness, and involvement in communication.

Unlike Ukrainians, Russian girls are more calm and quiet. There's a big difference between Russian and Ukrainian women. They`re not very trustful and usually are cautious when getting to know new people. Russian women won't mind sitting at home on a Friday night and reading a book or going to the countryside with their families. Although being cautious towards others, Russian women always try to make people like them by wearing expensive clothes, cars, and phones. This is the Russian-style way of grabbing people's attention.

The women's self-attitude and perception

Who are more hot-headed in this Russian vs Ukrainian women battle? Ukrainian women, thanks to their rebellious character, are prouder of themselves and feel like they're important to a society they're living in. Ukrainian women fight for their rights more actively and are gradually getting more power in all spheres of life. This goes in contrast with the Russian women who tend to be more submissive and obedient. Russian ladies believe their husbands are the best defense and support they could possibly ever have while Ukrainian girls try to show their independence as much as possible.

Work/family aspect in the eyes of Ukrainian and Russian women

While looking for real wife material, men always want to know if the lady is hospitable, caring, and if she can handle job and household at the same time. This is no problem for Ukrainian girls. They`re always on the run with lots of stuff at work, manicure, conference calls, cooking dishes, and taking care of babies. And they seem to succeed in everything. Ukrainian women believe this is how they fight for their place in the society. By showing their endurance and strength, being able to work and take care of home at the same time, Ukrainian girls prove there are wonder women on Earth.

Unlike them, Russian ladies are more about home. Sure, most of them have a job or at least some freelance work. But they prefer to stay on a maternity leave for as long as possible to look after kids and have time to do everything about the house. Russian women don't try to put their own ambitions or dreams in front of everything else. Men can relax with Russian wives: a clean house, freshly cooked and served food, and happy kids are guaranteed. Such an attitude makes up a big difference between Ukrainian and Russian women, but men seem to like both types of ladies.

It's all up to you who wins this Ukrainian vs Russian women contest. If you`re more into having a laid back and calm life in a country house where your wife and kids are always waiting for you with a 4-course meal, your future is with the Russian girl. If you`re an adrenaline junky and can't imagine sitting at home on the weekends, always want to try something new but with a reliable partner by your side, a Ukrainian girl is just who you need. Choose with your heart and you`ll never be mistaken!