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Ukrainian Love Phrases: The Ultimate Compilation Of Pickup Lines

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Time to learn how love sounds in Ukraine! If you want to flirt with a Ukrainian girl, you should be careful and don't use too many pickup lines at once. The phrases you find below are simple and nice, and a good fit for both online and offline conversations, so you'll never be screwed.

What are the best Ukrainian romantic phrases?

Let's waste no more time and get to the business. Below, you'll find the list of the most popular Ukrainian pickup lines, not too bold and not too dull. They're a great start to the conversation that'll help you all the time.

"I saw you here earlier and can't stop thinking of you since then" / “Я вас бачив тут раніше і досі не можу припинити думати про вас”

This shows you noticed a girl and have been watching her for a little while. This means you've noticed some of her gestures, the way she behaves in public, and maybe what drink she was having. By noticing these small things, you can start a conversation by asking something about her, complimenting her looks, and asking if she doesn't mind if you sit next to her for a while and talk. In an online conversation, you can comment on her beautiful photos and basically use the same line but referring to her pictures. It's a good move for the guy to show he's been paying attention to the girl for a little while before actually approaching her.

Romantic Phrases

"You look gorgeous!" / “Ви виглядаєте неперевершено!”

The days when single Ukrainian girls fell for phrases like "Are you an angel from heaven?" are long gone. Now, Ukrainian ladies are more pragmatic and don't need any lame catchphrase from the internet to pay attention to you. A brief but smart compliment can be quite enough if you're good-looking and confident but not too pushy. If you use the right tone and manner, a girl won't just be flattered, but also will continue a chat with you.

"Can I have this dance?" / “Дозвольте з вами потанцювати?”

One of the most famous Ukrainian pickup lines. Dancing is a very intimate ritual for many girls, and they usually don't want to dance with the guys they don't like. But if you're lucky enough and have a great smile, no girl would resist. During the dance, you can give compliments to the girl, ask about the evening and how she's doing, and eventually get her phone number. Girls like it when men find a nice way to approach them, and having a dance is just one of them.

"Can I buy you a drink?" / “Чи можу я пригостити вас напоєм?”

Starting off with a polite "Excuse me" (Перепрошую [pæræpr'oʃuju]), offering the girl a drink, and complimenting her looks is a total combo for a successful start of the conversation with a Ukrainian girl. If you're sitting at the fancy cocktail bar, it's the perfect venue for this move. An intimate vibe, quiet music, and tasty drinks will help you fight each other's awkwardness or slight fear and make it a great evening you won't forget. Pay for the cocktails at the end, thank a girl for a great night, and ask if you can see her later. The success rate is quite high, so don't blow it. You can use this move even in an online conversation, hoping the girl will go out with you. Since Ukrainian girls love an occasional cocktail, they probably would agree.

"Are you an Arctic Monkeys (any variant) fan too?" / “О, ви теж слухаєте Arctic Monkeys?"

Finding common things between you and a girl you just saw is a great way to show how attentive you are and that you do have similar tastes. Ukrainian girls feel flattered when guys appreciate their tastes in music, movies, or books. Thus, this will make you two connected on a deeper level than others from the very start. Plus, such Ukrainian love phrases are a good start to the first conversation. Don't forget to ask what her name is and if she wants to hang out sometime, though.

"Let me help you!" / “Дозвольте вам допомогти!”

It's not actually a pickup line but a great icebreaker and a way to start the conversation. A girl will understand you've had your eye on her if you want to help with any smallest detail like carrying the bags to the car or holding an umbrella when she's taking on a coat. Use this phrase in a friendly and not forcing manner. If the girl starts smiling and accepts your help, it's a green light, you can continue the chat. Ask if she's having a tough day (in case she looks tired) or talk about the bad weather. Then, you can introduce yourself and ask if you can call a girl someday. The point is to start off on a positive note.

Ukrainian Romantic Phrases

Some advice on using Ukrainian phrases of love

The same words can sound differently from different people and may not have a good context if said in the wrong way. Below, you'll find some advice on what to avoid and how to behave during your first conversation.

Never start a conversation with a sexual context

Pickup lines with a sex context are the most irrelevant thing to say during the first conversation. This will be interpreted as harassment or will end up with you soaked in a cocktail or banned in a chat. You can only use such lines while in a relationship.

Don't call a girl cute words during the first conversation

You're not familiar with the girl at all and you already called her a sweetie-pie or bunny boo? Not well played at all. First off, it sounds horrible. Second of all, it's impolite to say so if you don't know the girl at all. Without any relation to the girl, calling her cute names can be interpreted very badly.

Don't get too emotional

You shouldn't start a conversation with some sad story about how your cat passed away or how you got fired a few weeks ago. Make a positive first impression and be all nice and friendly. Try to forget all your problems for just one night, so that you can focus on more important things.

These Ukrainian love phrases together with some useful tips will help you win a girl's heart in just one night. They're universal and don't require much time to memorize. Try them out and feel the power of words right away. Good luck searching for the perfect girl!